Retro fashion, Air Jordan 3 “Cyber Monday” will be on sale

To get rid of the 3 generations of shoes the most iconic burst crack elements, more than good black leather to create the whole body, white outsole under care, simple style and further enlarge the overall fashion visual experience, but also more suitable for introverted Wear and business scenarios. cheap jordans

Air Jordan 3 after the resumption of production is about to start selling the first color! This pair of black and white dress the Air Jordan 3 “Cyber Monday” will be officially in the October 8 shelves. cheap jordan shoes

Item No .: 136064-020
Release date: October 8th
Offer price: $ 190

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Wool fabric Air Jordan 12 “Wool” on sale this week

How long to wait for the wool fabric version of Air Jordan 12 “Wool” will finally be officially on sale this week, October 1 this Saturday, the official shelves! cheap jordans

The overall dark gray wool fabric with black leather, a new texture experience in the dress is still bright highlights full! Restrained, the unique style revealed! cheap jordan shoes

We worry about the care of the problem does not seem large, after all, the overall tone deep, in the city through the trip should not have too much problem. cheap jordans online

Item No .: 852627-003
Release date: October 1
Offer Price: ¥ 1499

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CP3 received in advance OVO x Air Jordan 12 Platinum!

In determining the date of sale, this pair of highly popular OVO x Air Jordan 12 “White” has become accidentally added to the chop hand list of heavy guests! cheap jordans

Will be officially on sale on October 1, Nike and OVO channels will be on the shelves, there is no official sale in China news, we have to maintain the same day for China’s official website of the high attention! cheap jordan shoes

CP3 is received in advance this pair of gorgeous shoes, platinum body, pearl skin details, gold buckle blessing, crystal outsole, I am afraid it is a perfect pair of excellent works! cheap real jordans

Item No .: 873864-102
Release date: October 1, 2016
Offer price: $ 225

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Mito preview! Air Jordan 1 OG High

Reeded Shattered Backboard “, with a simple white orange stitching shoes with black wing logo and Nike Swoosh embellishment, lychee skin intake to show a more sophisticated Leather texture texture, bring a different kind of simple and elegant feel. cheap jordans

At present, this tribute to the heavy means of shoes will be officially on sale on October 8, priced at $ 160 dollars, it is learned that there will be GS version at the same time sale, would like to partner with a couple of small partners have a lot to look at, and now we together The feeling of this reverse buckle broken to create a unique fresh fashion! cheap jordan shoes

Item No: 555088-113
Release date: October 8th
Offer Price: $ 160

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The history of the most expensive! Air Jordan 11 “Wool” first exposure in kind

The end of the sneakers market is naturally Air Jordan 11 singing the drama of the moment, this year in addition to Space Jam big dunk color to pay tribute to the new 20 anniversary of the dress, there will be a wool fabric Air Jordan 11 “Wool” added to the sale of the army! cheap jordans

In the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 12 are presented after the Wool fabric version, this pair of Air Jordan 11 with the theme show is even more compelling! cheap jordan shoes
Today, finally ushered in the first physical exposure, although only the local upper part of the picture, but you can also list its unique style. cheap jordans online

Although the current are called “Wool” color, but from the picture point of view, it should be used to create a gray suede material, 11 generation of the most classic upper Jumpman Logo Zeyi pressure to bring a new way of visual effects! cheap real jordans


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Luxurious texture! Air Jordan 1 “Green Croc Suede”

Joe closer after the daughter Jasmine Jordan drying out is not commercially Air Jordan 1 unique color coming out again today, and overwhelmed it will demonstrate in front of us who is Nike’s PR department staff Samantha Baker. cheap jordans

The shoes with suede shoes are combined to create a crocodile texture rendering, shiny metal shoelace Swoosh echoes show a unique luxurious texture, gas field extraordinary. cheap jordan shoes

It is reported that this pair of shoes only high-profile relatives Limited, will invest commercially no news release. However, if the public offering, it must also serve as “Pinnacle” of a series, quantities and prices will also be extraordinary. cheap tetro jordans


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Westbrook Style! Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Physical near Rewards

Following Jordan Westbrook 0 bring us a stylish leather texture, Westbrook and Jordan Brand exposed a new Jordan Westbrook 0.2 in September Chinese line. cheap jordans

Dual front of Jordan Westbrook 0.2 still continues after the fashion leisure routes to the Army fatigues with black suede shoes are presented, brings a different kind of street style, one seat white outsole with Nike classic circular lines show, deduce strong visual contrast, tongue and middle Westbrook logo “0.2” logo is declared special identity of this pair of unique Style. cheap jordan shoes

It is reported that this camouflage dress Jordan Westbrook 0.2 is expected to be on sale October 8, specific price yet to be announced, we will pay close attention to later bring a more detailed report for you. cheap real jordans

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Platinum OVO x Air Jordan 12 Release Date OK

Before the rumors will be on sale in the summer OVO x Air Jordan 12 “White” platinum color, after bouncing misfortune, today finally determined release date. cheap jordans

As Drake launched jointly with Jordan Brand shoes, this pair of delicate white shoes was announced it would be the spotlight. Priced at $ 225 US dollars, while China, whether simultaneous release, I’m afraid a few days in order to have specific information, please continue to focus our reports it! cheap real jordans

Air Jordan 12 OVO “White”
Item: 873864-102
Release Date: October 1, 2016
Sale price: $ 225 USD

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Nike Air Foamposite One “Maroon” date Maroons

Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the bubble jet family, this year will continue to bring quality color appearance. The Nike Air Foamposite One “Maroon” is a new interpretation of the “red spray” means.

Foamed upper maroon metallic, suede shoes with classic collar, raw rubber outsole make shoes fans do not have to worry about the soles of oxidation.

This pair of high color value and easy with the Nike Air Foamposite One “Maroon” will be on sale October 20, 2016, the sale price of $ 230.

Release Date: October 28
Item: 314996-601
Sale price: $ 230 US dollars

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Nike Kobe 11 EM “Barcelona” published available information

Following the generation of elite Bryant 11 color version Release Barcelona, EM version is also following in the footsteps, she made the front of this Nike Kobe 11 EM “Barcelona” Sao gas boots.

Nike Kobe 11 EM “Barcelona” mans shoe body with bright orange fabric EM Engineering crafted a seat with black outsole shoes Nike Swoosh echoed, bring a unique Catalan style.

It is reported that this eye-catching new color will be light shelves on sale October 15, priced at ¥ 1099 RMB, like friends do not miss!

Nike Kobe 11 EM “Barcelona”
Release Date: October 15, 2016
Item: 836183-806
Sale price: ¥ 1099 RMB

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